Blackberry Jam Making Session on Sherkin Island Friday December 11th 2015 at 19.30

For this participation performance piece I created a space within a space in the hall choosing to change the lighting and use only the spot lights as opposed to the flouresent lights and with the use of the partitions I thoroughly cleaned and dressed the space.
To create a warm atmosphere I baked brown bread in the hall so that the smell of freshly made bread would greet the collaborators when they entered the room. The doors to the main room were kept closed to contain the smell and a sign ‘Please Wait To Be Guided’ was placed on the door. When met the collaborators were asked to put on a blindfold and were guided to the table and introduced to people already seated in a directional way.
Next the participants split in to two’s, one blindfold and one acting as guide and gingerly made their way to the kitchen to make the jam. Weighing the blackberries, sugar, skinning and cutting the apple and stirring the pot all the while blindfold and guiding and swapping roles halfway through.
Finally it was time to sample the produce, bread and jam with a welcome cup of tea and a chat yielded a greater understanding of everyones experience.

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