Bird Feast Original Handmade Print



Birds teach us to live in and enjoy the now

Bird Feast is an art project creating a dinner party for birds as a Thank You for all the joy that they bring to our lives.

I created Bird Feast originally as I had a friend who was dying of cancer and as she was too sick for visitors I created a bird feast basket with a bird feeder to hang outside her window where she could enjoy the comings and goings of the birds feeding.

In my own garden and at various locations I spread a white canvas cloth and decorated the table with birdy treats. I am working on the Bird Feast Story which will be featured on my website complete with images so please check back in again soon.

One of the many visitors to Bird Feast was ‘The One Legged Crow’ his bravery and courage always impressed me and he rewarded me with many wonderful images which I have captured in line drawings and print works.

Walking the line

Original print inspired by my art project Bird Feast

Framed size 13.5 x 17.5 inches


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