Welcome to Seen – Unseen

Seen – Unseen is an art project exploring the access to art for the visually impaired person in the gallery space and elsewhere.

I look forward to welcoming you to Seen – Unseen both in person when it is safe to do so and on Zoom.

The full list of Seen – Unseen events for visually impaired people can be checked out on https://artistclaremclaughlin.org/seen-unseen-events-2021-for-visually-impaired-people-vip-to-book-your-place-email-the-artist-claremclaughlinemailgmail-com/

Early booking is advisable as tactile packs are sent to all collaborators well in advance of the events.

All Seen – Unseen events are free of charge.

You can book your place by emailing me at claremclaughlinemail@gmail.com

Looking forward to welcoming you to Seen – Unseen

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